30 August 2014

My Summer According to My iPhone

It is a bitter-sweet thing to say, but summer is coming to an end. With just less than 2 weeks until school starts, I am just not ready for summer to be over. I finally get to relax during the rest of my summer without having to worry about keeping up with any readings and other school assignments. But, it is still crazy; school is quickly approaching. Like today, we officially moved in my sister into her new residence at her new university, and I'm here purchasing books for school.

But let's not dwell in what is about to come; how about we focus on all the good that has happened throughout my summer! I decided to share some of my favourite pictures of moments of my summer according to my iPhone! I had an amazing summer, and like I said in the goodbye letter I wrote yesterday, I had an amazing summer, and I honestly wished it could have lasted just a little bit longer! #summerforever.

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