13 August 2014

My iPhone 4s Stresses Me Out

Hey Guys! Just a quick announcement! For the next two week, I'll be missing here and there as I prepare to for my exam next Thursday! So, please do not be disappointed when you come here to my blog with nothing to read! I swear I'll be back better than ever! Anyways, back to the point of this blog post..

Last week, I was attempting to take a picture and noticed that my phone wasn't taking the picture. It was really odd to me. So I continuously pressed the home button, and nothing. It was literally frozen and I felt like I couldn't do anything. Now, some of you may already know that I have an iPhone 4s, and your first instinct is to tell me to just press the sleep button and home button for 10 seconds. See, I would do that but I can't.

A few months ago, my sleep button (the top button of my phone) decided to stay put and get stick inside the phone. So now, that button is useless as I cannot even press it to for anything. So instead, I had to turn on the accessibility option (something like that) and now I have this floating button on my home screen that I have to open, then press device and FINALLY press lock screen. It is such a horrible and long process.

Because I am always on my phone and laptop, I usually take the time to back up my phone whenever I can. When it comes to saving photos, it is sooo easy as I connected my iCloud on both my cell phone and laptop. So whenever I take a photo with my phone, it is automatically already on my laptop. But for some reason, this doesn't work for video - I have to manually put it in a separate album if I am feeling lazy to connect my phone to my laptop and transfer them... it is just a long process.

So, back to the story... When I was unable to do anything with my phone, the screen went blank. I thought my phone was dead or something. But, when I moved the sound button down to vibrate, my phone vibrated. And when I moved it back up to sound, there was sound whenever I received a text. So clearly there is some miscommunication going on with the phone.

My only option was connect my phone onto iTunes and restore my entire phone. Boy was this a long process - literally like an hour or something. It was just terrible. When my phone finally restored, I had the option to restore it as new, or as previous - I obviously selected the second option, but my phone didn't seem to understand. It restarted as factory settings, and when I tried to restore my phone from my backup, EVERYTHING was just gone.

I was actually sad... I lost all the videos I didn't get a chance to sync, and they were all very cute videos of Penelope. And worst of all... I lost ALL my contacts. The only contacts that was left on my phone was my mother, father and sister... I memorized their numbers since I was little, I would have been fine if their numbers weren't saved.

It is just horrible, and now I am still dealing with my friends trying to trick me as they next me pretending to be someone I don't know. Like it is funny and all, but I just wanna know who you really are so I can have a normal conversation, especially when I need help with something... 

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