07 August 2014

My Driving Playlist

The other day I was driving to school and realized that every radio station I listen to just over play songs I actually love. And because they are overplayed, I'm over here starting to get really annoyed at song I previously loved. Now, it is actually hard to find 1 descent song I enjoy listening to on my drive to school, work, home, anywhere!

Then I decided to make my own CD. I took 10 of my currently favourite songs from iTunes and attempted to burn it on a blank CD. So far so good, right? Wrong. It apparently didn't work, and all it says in my car is ERROR. Error you disc that's suppose to play my songs! So, instead of being all mad and sad, I decided to create my playlist and share it with you all! I've included music videos for some of the songs for your entertainment!

Do you like any of these songs? What songs would you like to see added to my play list? Leave your comments below, I would love to hear new songs!

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