27 August 2014

Living On The Wild Side!

Yesterday was such an adventurous day! And when I mean adventurous, I mean going all over the city - but it was waayyyyy more tiring than how I'm describing right now. Anyways, I really wanted to talk about something I've never done in my life, which is going out of my comfort zone and doing something COMPLETELY out of the ordinary! 

What did I do?
I decided to get my cartilage pierced. Doesn't seem that exciting? Well, it is for me! I've been wanting to get this done for 3 years now, and throughout the summer I was bugging my sister that I wanting to get my cartilage pierced before the end of the summer. But, knowing me, I usually talk the talk but don't walk the walk. So, my sister never took me seriously.
I've been doing research over the past 3 years about getting the piercing done properly. I've always read that piercings are much more safer when using a needle rather than the gun. My past 3 ear piercings, and even my nose piercings, have been done with a gun, so I wasn't really too worried about anything that was to happen afterwards. But, deep down I knew getting the needle was the safest option; I was just too afraid of the pain. 
So, when my cousin, sister and I were travelling all over the place just to fix ONE tire on her brothers BMW, we decided to walk around. Across the street, my sister spotted a tattoo parlour and reminded me about the piercing I wanted and that I should ask questions there. We went in, and it sounded super easy! It cost $30 and I was just in luck, I had $30 cash on me and I knew this was a sign and place to get it done. The only problem was that the piercing guy wasn't there and asked us to come later - I had a feeling that maybe this wasn't the place for me to get my piercing done.
But on the way back to pick up the BMW, we went back in, and the guy was there! I was nervous at first because he seem cranky or something - but looks can really be deceiving. He was super nice to me and was really helpful  with ALL the questions I had. It really was an amazing experience. I thought I would end up getting a stud, but apparently they didn't do that there since it would be done with a gun, so I got a thick hoop ring.

I had an amazing experience, I really did. The entire process hurt less than what I thought; the only part that really hurt was when the guy left the needle in my ear and then had trouble taking the needle out and putting the earring through. That was a crazy thing to capture on video - yes my sister and cousin took a video because they truly thought I would cry, but I didn't. aha.

Have you done anything out of the ordinary this summer? Let me know in the comments!

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