06 August 2014

Just Hanging Out

Sometimes it is fairly easy to forget to the good that is in life. We tend to be so focused on what we need to do, and how long we should be doing things in order to achieve our goals. I guess I am a victim of this as well, especially during the school year. I just tend to focus soo much on school, I slowly see my friends slip away.

Why? Because I don't put the effort to hang out or go out with them as much as I should. Especially when my group of friends hang out so often, and if I am not there most of the time, of course they are going to have new inside jokes and experiences without me. Life does go on with or without me.

So this summer, I told myself to just have some fun. And that is exactly what I did. This summer, I am putting more of an effort to spending more time with the family. Why be friends with people who are eager to leave you behind? Family is what is forever.

When we are together, we literally don't do much, and we are okay with that. We don't need to travel to a different city to have fun with each other, hanging out in the living room, or just the car rides alone are the best part of quality family time.

So, before my sister headed out to Turkey, we decided to have a "cousins day. So, my sister, cousin Neisha, cousin Nivesh and I decided to go out and eat at St. Louis. And so we did. We ate there, and wasn't impressed with their wings, and we decided to walk it ALL THE WAY BACK TO HER PLACE. That was just horrible, but hey... these are just the things we do. And their company is just the greatest!

Here are just some of the MANY pictures we took. (When I say many, I literally mean a lot). ENJOY!

Did you blog about fun adventures with your cousins/friends? Leave your link below! I'd love to check them out :)

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