02 August 2014

July Favourites!

Happy Saturday everyone! I honestly cannot believe how fast July past, like it is already August. That means my summer is quickly coming to an end, and I will be starting my third year of university in September! I know this is such a cliche, but I just can't help but be amazed at how fast time is quickly passing us. Just a great reminder to live in the moment.

Since I literally blogged every single day in July, I decided to take a small break from blogging yesterday just to relax. I actually wasn't planning on blogging today, but I decided to share some of my favourite posts from the month that you should all take the time to read on this lovely Saturday. So, get your coffee ready, and enjoy some of my favourite posts I published in July!

Canada Day + Rib Fest
I talked about what I was doing for Canada day, and shared a lot of photos with the family and I at rib fest! Yummy Yum Yum Yum!

Finish the Sentence!
Oh how I love this post because Jay actually wanted to be involved! So this one was exciting for myself and some of my blogger friends!

If I Had Super Powers
This was also a fun post as it took my bloggers in a direction they've never been on my blog before. I talk about what super powers I would LOVE to have, and 5 things I would do with them!

Confessions: An Embarrassing Story
I shared an embarrassing story with my blogger friends. I was kinda nervous about it, but turns out it happened to a lot of other women when they were younger!

Moving Out of My Comfort Zone
I shared 5 things I've done so far this year that allowed me to move out of my comfort zone. Interested to see where my comfort zone actually stops? Check out this post! 

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