28 August 2014

A Goodbye Letter to Summer

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Dear Summer,

You may be wondering as to why I am writing to you a few days early... I am actually questioning this to. Not only do I have a few other posts planned for the next few days, but I am quickly beginning to realize how fast I need to get out of my summer schedule to prepare for school. Yes, I am already travelling to school and looking at the books and prices for the books I am going to need for the upcoming semester, I am traveling to Hamilton (where my sisters' university is located) and helping her get the books she needs, I am just doing as many shifts as I can at work before I am limited during the time school resumes... It is just stressful, and this week just woke me up to getting everything I need to done now rather than later.

Anyways, this letter isn't about me explaining what I am doing over the next two weeks before school, it is a letter to reflect upon all the wonderful things that happened this summer! I can honestly say that this was the first summer I've gone out of my comfort zone and actually enjoyed myself. Not only was I able to complete 3 courses (1.5 credits) during summer school, I was also able to maintain my social life with my friends and family. And I do not regret a thing!

I enjoyed all the early mornings, the late nights, the good, the bad, just the everything. I even enjoyed the weather. Yeah, there were days when it was just too hot to bare, but it is summer! I expected that. I didn't even get that dark, which is just a plus since I tan easily. I enjoyed all the lovely people I've encountered, and I am definitely happy that I had the chance to experience all the things I've experienced this summer.

I am definitely excited and looking forward to the fall weather and hopefully a white winter! I am also excited for the upcoming year! So, hopefully things will work out for me during the rest of the year just as summer as treated me!

Thank you for a memorable summer, you will definitely be missed! Thanks for everything!

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