14 July 2014

Weekly Wishes #24

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Happy Monday bloggers! It is that time of the week to be linking up with Melyssa for Weekly Wishes. This is a great linkup to share weekly goal and receive some encouragement from others who also have wishes/goals for the week!

Last Week's Wishes Recap
    Last week went really well with my wishes! I've been blogging everyday, which is a great thing since that was one of my wishes from last week. Also, class has become very interesting, so I was able to attend class promptly without anyone pushing me. Besides that, I've continue to spend time with the family, which is such a great thing because spending time with others is what builds memories. 
    This Week's Wishes

    1. Blog everyday! This week I would like to continue with the Blog Everyday in July challenge I've been participating in. I've done it for a good straight 14 days, and I intend to finish with this blog challenge strong! 
    2. Maintain my clean room. My room is always messy. No matter how many times a week I clean it, it seems to just get messier right after. I need a new strategy... 
    3. Save money to buy Penelope a bigger cage! I love my bunny and I just love to spoil her. Its time for her to relax in a new and bigger cage. All I have to do is save my money for my little rabbit. 
    4. Be motivated to go to class. This semester, I am taking only 1 course, which is only on Monday and Wednesday evening. Because I pretty much have the rest of the week "off", I am hoping that I will be motivated enough to go to class for 3 hours! Wish me luck!
    5. Read textbook chapters before class! I'm really behind in textbook notes... I've done 2/4 as of today. By Wednesday I would really like to have all 5 chapters done as next Monday is the next test. I could do this !
    6. Spend time with the sister! My sister leave for Turkey this Friday. I would like to spend as much time with her as I can, especially with the cousins. Because by the time she comes back from her trip, she will be too busy packing for her new life in residence. This Thursday we are planning to take her out to sushi, let's hope this plan doesn't flop!
    These are my wishes for the week.  If you're participating and happened to hop onto my blog, leave your link so I can leave some encouragement as well! Have a great Monday, xo

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