16 July 2014

Top 3 Blogs To Check Out!

Today I am participating in the Blog Everyday in July Challenge hosted by Juliette, Faith and Allie. This prompt was to share my 3 favourite blogs! So, without further ado, I am excited to introduce...

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Hayley @ A Beautiful Exchange
Oh how I love her blog! She blogs daily about her sons and family and just her life with them. I think she has a cute blog which I love to read daily. Hayleys' blog posts are so sincere and you can tell that she actually took time to prepare them before posting. She also takes really great photos. And recently, she just changed her blog layout which is honestly the prettiest layout I've seen in forever. Me want it!!!

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Bailey Jean @ Brave Love
Where can I start with this southern girl? She's from Texas and writes about her life in such an interesting way! Her take on life is so genuine which makes her blog posts that much more interesting! She actually turns 23 today, so Happy Birthday girl! :) Bailey's blog is honestly a great morning read!

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Kenzie @ Hello Neverland
Where can I even start with Kenzie? I've been reading her blog way before I even had the courage to start up my own! Yes, I've been reading her blog when it used to to be called Chasing Happy. Kenzie continues to write so elegantly which I actually find intriguing. She mostly blogs about creativity, easy DIY projects, running a small business, books, journalling, and blogging tip (which I have to say are extremely helpful!) Take a look at her blog if you're ever stuck with blogging and need help!

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