06 July 2014

Things I'll Never Do

I really don't like creating introduction portions of a blog post... I feel like it is the hardest to create where I have to be create and stuff. Although I am going strong with the Blog Everyday in July challenge hosted by Juliette, Allie, and Faith, I think I need to change up my list style blog posts. But, today's topic requires another list about things I will never, ever, ever, ever do!

So, without further ado, here are things I will never do, not even if I am forced to!

// Get a tattoo of someone else's name
Like maybe I'll get my grandma's name, Cecilia, on my wrist, but putting someone else's name is just a disaster waiting to happen! (No offence Jay!). But, perhaps in the future, if I ever have kids, I'll tattoo their initial, but no way will I ever tattoo a random name.

// Do drugs.
I know the consequences of drugs... I've learnt all about them in school, and I feel like if I've been strong enough not to do drugs throughout my high school life, I think I will probably not even do drugs now. I really don't have the time or interest for them. 

// Kill a spider.
Nope, never, no way!! No one will EVER get me to kill or touch or even look at a spider. Those things are just creepy, and I'll be the first out of the room if I ever spot one! No warnings needed!

// Purposely put myself in jail.
I've been watching episodes of Prison Break (that used to air back in 2004) and I'm not stupid. I don't think I'll ever put myself in jail to save someone I love, and then help them break out. No offence to my loved ones, but you got to pay for what you've done.

// Cheat.
I've seen cheating happen before... more than once. And honestly, I've also seen the consequences of being cheated. I've lived through it, and I've helped someone close get through it. I wasn't the one who was cheated on... but I felt the pain from someone whom I genuinely liked... I won't ever do that to someone else I "love", so I would also hope good karma will go around and no one will ever cheat on me.

// Get a mushroom haircut.
Like common... my face is already round enough, no way will I get a haircut that emphasizes my round face more... That will just be social suicide. 

What about you? Are there things you'll never do? Let me know in the comment!

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