08 July 2014

Things I Do When I'm Alone

It is day 8 of the Blog Everyday in July challenge hosted by Faith, Allie, and Juliette. Today's blog prompt is absolutely perfect since I am currently home alone living life... or trying to live through the heat! So, why not tell you what I've done so far, and plan on doing with the rest of my day alone!

// Do absolutely nothing!
Sometimes I have no idea what to do with my day, so I literally just sit on the couch just waiting for something interesting to happen. Otherwise, I am just laying in bed or just laying on the couch aimlessly.

// Act like I'm a chef and cook a blessed lunch/dinner
Ohhhhhhh, I love to cook when I'm alone. I feel like I have a duty to feed myself the most delicious food!  I also tend to make a little more food for when the family comes home. By cooking, it shows them that I'm actually useful in the family!

// Sit and watch Netflix all day long
I literally just sit and watch episode after episode. I don't think it is healthy, but when theres nothing to do, why not pass time by watching something!

// Lay with Penelope
Penelope is just the cutest. She's always wherever I am, so whenever she is laying in her most comfortable position, I just lays with her and pet her. I literally talk to her about anything and she just lays there enjoying the company.

// Sing in the shower!
I blast music when I go to shower, and I sing!!! Yes, I sing as if I am Mariah Carey, attempting to hit those high notes. I'm not sure what it is, but the shower environment just gives me confidence about my singing abilities.

// Wait for people to call or text me.
It's only when I am busy people call or text me to do stuff with them. When I have absolutely nothing to do... I literally sit by my phone just waiting for someone, or anyone to talk to me and so I can ask if they wanna go out. 

// Wander through other blogs!
I like to go through peoples blogs, finding new daily reads, and just getting design ideas, and post ideas for my blog.

As you can tell, for today's blog post I took a different approach and used gifs. What y'all think? Let me know! Also, tell me thing you do when your alone that I haven't mentioned on my list! 

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