04 July 2014

The Fourth of July

Happy 4th of July, (Independence Day) to all my American followers! At first, I didn't know what was appropriate and American to blog about today. On Canada, just a few days ago, people posted up a lot of Canadian stereotypes, and although some of them were typically jokes about Canada, others were just plain mean that I've never heard of before. So, instead of writing stereotypes and perhaps insulting a few Americans out there, I decided to talk about the time I spent the Fourth of July in L.A with my lovely cousins and family!

So last year, I think it was my second post or something, I blogged about how my cousins who reside in America came to Canada for the summer. If you guys following since that time, then you'd already know that most of my moms' brothers and sisters live in the states, mostly in the San Francisco area. Because the only real time we'd ever go down there was for a funeral, (R.I.P Lola and Lolo), my sister and I never really go to bond with that side of the family. Like they are family, so obviously it was easy to talk to all of my cousins, but when it came to big family events, it wasn't easy to engage with them all.

So, then Summer or 2011, the family (well most of them), decided that it was time to just hang out, and we all met up at my aunt and uncles place in L.A! Apparently I've been there before when I was younger, but only pictures could bring that memory up. Although some of my cousins couldn't stay with us for the entire trip, I still had fun with all of them! We even traveled to Las Vagas, which was just an amazing experience (but also creepy since I was 16 at the time!)

A blog post wouldn't be complete without sharing a bunch of pictures to a blog post that can hardly be remembered since this vacay occurred back in 2011! But, please enjoy the pictures I recently found to share with you all! And Happy Fourth of July!


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