10 July 2014

Summer, Summer Summer!

I absolutely love summer! Why am I so confident in saying that? We'll, here in Canada, we experience all four seasons! But lately, we've been experiencing the extreme sides of the weather (I blame global warming).  Like in the winter, we don't just get snow... it is so cold here that we get ice rinks all over the city. Last winter we literally had an "ice storm" where there was a huge power outage and my house was absolutely freezing... and the trees just had frost around each individual branch! Tree branches were so heavy that they broke off the trunk of the tree running so many houses and cars (mine included). It just absolutely insane.

But, when it comes to summer, although we may experience extreme weathers of heat, I actually do not mind! At least things are open, and there are so many places to go during the summer. Best of all, all your friends are off from school around the same time, so everyone is pretty much available to hang out! I absolutely just love summer. And living in Toronto, this summer I have a ton of activities that I want to share with you all!

// Canada's Wonderland
If you haven't heard of it, then you are definitely missing out! It is located just in the upper end of Toronto (so Vaughn if you know where that is). It is like a big theme park with A LOT of rides and roller coasters  that may look scary at first, but are just extremely fun to ride. The only thing I don't like are the crazy line-up that can literally take up to an hour... and the ride is probably 1 minute long.

// CN Tower
This is actually a spot my family loves to take other family members to see. I guess I don't appreciate the tower anymore since I've pretty much been exposed to it my whole life, my nevertheless, this is actually a great spot to come to in the summer! (Especially if you're here with you lucky lady!) If you take the elevator the to top, theres literally a "GLASS FLOOR" where you look down and you can see the bottom. No matter how many times I've been there, I'm still scared that the glass will one day break. Also, they have this AMAZING 360 restaurant that literally gives you a 360 degree view of the city. By that I mean, the room turns (slowly) so you can get a great view of the city! A great (but expensive) date spot!

// The Rogers Centre
If you are fan of sport, the Rogers Centre is the best place for it! You can watch baseball there! The place actually used to be call the Sky Dome! And when the weather is extremely nice, then the top of Centre would open so you can see the sky, hence the old name Sky Dome!

// Niagara Falls!
The Canadian side of the Falls is absolutely beautiful because we have the best view of that actual falls of the water! We also have a great variety of stores/shops to buy things from, there are places for kids to enjoy like Ripleys believe it or not, and there are just a bunch of things to take pictures with! At night time, the Falls are the best as they "change" colours! And, last year my cousins and I actually went under the Falls! Like literally on a boat, and then on the stairs to get wet!

These are just a few of the MANY things my family does every summer! I decided to share them with you all with a bunch of photos, which is why the post actually seems longer than it really is. I think I'll make another post in the near future of other things I want to do in the summer, but for now... these are just the typical things I already enjoy doing and wouldn't mind doing them again!


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