30 July 2014


Hey fellow bloggers! Life lately is starting to become very intense. I don't know about all of you, but I know I do things that may annoy, frustrate or even piss of other people, but there are just time where I just do not care. #sorrynotsorry. That is why I decided to share with you all some of my sorry not sorry moments!

1) If I can't open plastic bags fast enough. At work, sometimes they need me at the front cashing people out. You don't know how frustrating it is when customers look annoyed at me just because I can't open a darn plastic bag fast enough. I'm pretty sure if you were in my position, you'd have a hard time trying to scan items, then placing them in plastic bags. #sorrynotsorry

2) If I go back to the same aisle over, and over again. When I go shopping, workers or I guess customers will get so annoyed of me just going back to the same aisle over and over again. I can't help it if I like an item, and then need to decided whether or not I want to purchase it. So, the best thing to do is to go walk around the store and if the item is still on my mind, I go back and look at it again. I tend to do this a lot, and honestly I don't even end up buying the darn item. #sorrynotsorry

3) Wanting to look good. There are days where I just want to dress up! So what if we go to a park and I wanna look like freaked Madonna. I feel like I want to look good, so I shall look good. I don't even care if I don't even have the proper attire that is appropriate for the environment. Deal with it. #sorrynotsorry.

4) I post up a lot of snap stories. My mentally is that if I download an app, and I have the option to create stories about myself, then I will indeed create stories to share. Do not complain, or joke around that I create soooooo many stories. So what? What's the point of having the snap story option if y'all don't want me to freaken use it. Be prepared to watch over 49 seconds of snap stories daily. #sorrynotsorry 

5) I post pictures about Penelope. Like I said in the previous point, why do you care if I post a billion photos of Penelope. This is my life, and if I choose to share photos of her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., then you really have to get over it. Why is there an option to share pictures with my social media friends if y'all gonna complain. I'll post photos of her if I want. Deal with it. #sorrynotsorry

6) I love spaghetti/pasta/lasagna. This is literally my favourite dish. When there is nothing to eat at home, I will always make it. I don't care if my family, cousins, friends get annoyed with me making them the same dish, I'm the one cooking... sooo yeah. #sorrynotsorry 

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