13 July 2014

One Thing I Cannot Live Without

Today is day 13 of the Blog Everyday in July Challenge hosted by Allie, Faith and Juliette. It has honestly been a crazy 2 weeks of this challenge, and I am honestly excited that it will slowly, but surely be over! Today's blog topic is to write about "one thing you cannot live without". This does not include a person or animal... it has to be a thing.

I could easily talk about how I cannot live without my phone... but I think that would be a really first thought kind of answer to a heavy topic. So I really took time last night and this morning to really reflect upon life and the unappreciated important things that I cannot live without. Then it hit me!

Simple answer? I know. But, let really think about this for a minute. I drink water on a daily basis! It is to the point where I can literally tell the difference between the taste of water from different water bottles. Water is absolutely something I cannot live without since I need it to clench my thirst, clean myself, and of course clean/wash other objects. I think clean water is just a huge part of my life, and just living a day without water would just be horrible! Actually I went thought that during the 2014 Ice Storm here in Toronto...sooo, I do know  and went through the struggle.

Whats one thing you cannot live without? Let me know in the comments! 

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