05 July 2014

If I Had Super Powers...

I think having super powers would just make life simpler, except when fighting evil. But having super powers doesn't necessarily mean that you need to be a super hero saving others... Look at Peter Pan, he can fly and took Wendy and her brothers to Neverland for selfish reasons. Which leads me to believe that if I had the chance to have super powers, I'd probably use it for selfish reasons as well! Does this introduction seem a little too essay-ish for my blog? I think so... So let's just get straight into it!

If I could FLY I would...
  • Travel all over the world! First stop, PARIS!
  • Fly through the clouds
  • Race a plane
  • Have a date on Cloud 9!
  • See what is really on Mars!
If I could FREEZE/STOP TIME I would...
    • Check my notes when taking tests/exams
    • Spend more time with Jay, friends and family
    • Sleep longer dying school nights
    • Enjoy more of the moments 
    • Never be late ever again
    If I could TIME TRAVEL I would...
      • See how the dinosaurs extinct
      • Figure out who the missing link is for human species
      • Would Wouldn't date half the guys I did
      • Prevent myself from trusting those who hurt me
      • Redo the same tests and get better marks so that I'd have a better idea what to do with my future.
      If I could BE INVISIBLE I would...
        • Sneak out of the house anytime I wanted
        • I would spy on my parents to see what they really talk about on their way to work
        • Spy on Jay (if I'm feeling vulnerable or jealous or suspicious about something)... don't hold this against me
        • Steal all the cloths/technology/accessories (especially bags) I've ever wanted from all the top designer shops!
        • Go to the bank and help my bank account grow!
        If I could MIND READ I would...
          • Read other peoples mind when taking tests/exams to see if my answers are right
          • Listen to other people's first impressions of me
          • Figure out what Jay is thinking (since he is not very expressive)
          • Finally understand what Penelope (my bunny) is thinking about!
          • Know what presents/gifts to buy for others!
          If I had SUPER MIMICRY I would...
            • Be a legendary singer like Mariah Carey and Michael Jackson
            • Be as beautiful as Jennifer Lopez
            • Have a bodacious body like Nicki Minaj (even though its all fake) 
            • Have the brains of Albert Einstein 

            Anything you would do with the super powers I desperately want? Let me know in the comments!

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