25 July 2014

Favourite Apps Lately!

Hello bloggers! Sorry about posting this blog post later than usual. This morning I had work, and now I am home just trying to relax and eat! Today is the 25th day of the Blog Everyday in July Challenge hosted by Faith, Allie, and Juliette. Today's blog prompt is to share with you all my favourite phone apps, and I decided to share 4 of my favourites! 

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How can you not love this social media app? It is absolutely the best place to waste a lot of time posting photos, and even viewing other photos. I have not much to say with such a great app that nearly everyone uses. It is just seriously addictive!

I just recently downloaded this app, and honestly it is just the funnest app of communication I've ever had! It is literally like texting (restricted with the number of characters you can use) with pictures to others. You only see a picture the other person has sent for no more than 10 seconds, depending on how long the sender wants you to see it. After that, the picture is gone forever. I find it intriguing. 


I love this app! Whenever I do not know a song, I just press the listen button, and this app listens to the song and identify's the song and artist. I think this is a very useful app, especially since I hardly can remember some of the song titles.

My Fitness Pal 

This app is an amazing app, especially if you are trying to watch your weight. You record what you eat, and how much you've exercised. This app keeps a chart of your weight to see your progress. The first time you noticed that you've lost weight encourages you so much more to continue the momentum!

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