09 July 2014

Confessions: An Embarrassing Story

Alright, so I was thinking long and hard about 1 embarrassing story to share with you guys. I really wanted to share a story that others could probably relate to, and I wanted to share something that I was pretty much not ashamed of. But, who am I kidding... Every situation I'm in, I embarrass myself which was just a crazy experience because I used to be the shyest person you'll ever know! So.. Let me share with you 2 embarrassing stories that instantly pop up when someone asks me whats my most embarrassing story!

I could easily share about the time in grade 9, I slipped and fell in a puddle. Not just a wet puddle, but a muddy puddle! My high required us to wear school uniform, and I didn't have extra pants in my locker, so my friend had to resort to giving me her pants. Which was just worst because her hips were so much smaller than mine so, her pants just couldn't fit. I ended up walking around in muddy pants, socks and flats, and pulling down my shirt so that no one could see the mud spot on my butt. Total embarrassment, especially since it was high school.

But, now that I think about it... that is definitely not my most embarrassing moment. I hate to say this, but my embarrassing moment has to do with my own body working against me!

During my first years in the Air Cadet Program, we were usually sent to camp for the summer for either 2 weeks, 3 weeks, or even a full 6 weeks. My first summer camp experience was for 3 weeks, and it was actually a lot of fun! I met a bunch of new people, and I actually learnt a lot. But, one day during the hot summer, we were in class and something hit me that I just got my period. I didn't care much for it at the time because my period used to be so inconsistent, that even when I thought I was on it, I really wasn't. 

Then when the class was over, and we had to go outside, I stood up last and asked my friend to check behind me if I had a stain. Lone and behold.... she told me that my entire ass was red. And keep in mind, that at the time we were required to wear these ugly grey shorts that went to our knees, and matching grey t-shirts that we HAVE to tuck into the shorts... So there was no way I could get a away with pulling out my shirt to hide this mess. 

I walked outside, and thank goodness that the other cadets were not facing my direction, so they couldn't see. I didn't want to walk in front of everyone, so I quickly asked my friend to get a female staff ASAP to help me. My friend came back with the female staff I recognize from my home squadron, and she felt my embarrassment and took me out of the group, and back to my barric. I had to walk past so many people, and literally I think a few people saw... even the guy I liked at the time.

SO EMBARRASSING I KNOW. PLEASE DO NOT HOLD IT AGAINST ME... ever. Especially all my followers who know in real life, lets not use this against me okay? 

I was really hesitant to share this story with the entire internet world, but hey it wouldn't make me human if nothing embarrassing ever happened to me. Plus, I'm okay with it, a bit, and theres nothing to be ashamed of it anymore! 

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