01 July 2014

Canada Day + Rib Fest

I have exciting news!! Today, is the first day of July, AND Canada Day AND I am officially doing another blog everyday challenge! Today, and for the rest of the month, I will be linking up with Juliette, Allie, and Faith for their Blog Everyday in July Challenge. Click HERE to view the prompts for the rest of the month!!!

July 1st: HAPPY CANADA DAY to all my Canadian followers! 

Since I am a Canadian myself, I decided to talk about what I am pretty much doing with my day, and what my city pretty much has planned. From June 28-July 1, Toronto was hosting the 15th Annual Rib Fest! This was actually the first year I've attended, and too be honest it was nothing like I expected! Literally, there are just many, and many people wandering around Centennial Park waiting in line to buy ribs, waiting in line to ride on some of the rides, sitting and enjoying the band, and just having a great time with friends and family.
I went with my family + Jay, and our family friends, and we enjoyed ourself a good round of ribs cooked from the Silver Bullet, delicious onion rings, sweets and funnel cake! The food was honestly just too amazing! We played games (and lost a lot of our money over games that are literally impossible to win), and I even got myself henna for the first time!
It really was a fun experience, and something I am definitely looking forward to for next year, or may next week in a close by city ;) Now, please enjoy a bunch of pictures I took during my day!

Enjoy all the beautiful fireworks tonight! I know I will! 

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