15 July 2014

A Thank You Letter

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Today I am participating int he Blog Everyday in July Challenge hosted by Juliette, Faith and Allie. This prompt was to write a letter to an inanimate object. I chose to write to my lovely Macbook Pro!

Dear Macbook Pro,

I just want to start off by saying thank you. I've always wanted you when I was younger, we just couldn't afford you at the time. But for first year of university, both my parents and I saved up and I was able to FINALLY get you! Now, you've been going through the ups and downs of school with me!

You've been a live saver for me at every class - from my french courses. to all my psychology courses. Because of you, I was able to save A LOT of trees by not printing out the profs lecture notes. Instead, all I had to do (with your help of course), was type beside the lecture notes the prof provided. And because of that, I've been able to study 10x better because I'm able to write down all the details the profs say in class.

I want to thank you for being a true survivor whenever I left the charger at home. I don't know how you did it, but I am seriously impressed whenever I have 36% battery left, and you're able to last up to 3 hours for me! IT really saves my ass from a heart attack about me taking notes in class.

I am very dependant on you with other things as well. You have all these pictures that you just keep for me, and you don't even care about the million of albums I have. Like, you don't even make fun of my selfies! That's amazing! aha

And, I also want to thank you for being apart of my blogging journey. I wrote my first blog post on the laptop, and the rest of my blog posts to be exact. I've done all my redesign here, and research all of my codes here. You've really been there for me, and that I am truly thankful.

I know I should clean you more often, and with that being said, I will clean your aluminum body right after I write this letter. I'm also thinking about spicy up your look again. You've been pink for a while... I'm thinking baby blue next? Let me know!

With Love,

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