29 July 2014

5 Things I Love About Myself

Today is Day 29 of the Blog Everyday in July Challenge hosted by Allie, Faith and Juliette. Today's blog prompt is a little bit more of the conceded side, so please accept my apologies ahead of time if I seem like I am extremely full of myself in this post. I'm actually a very humble person, but the today's prompt is to share 5 things I love about myself! 

My Hair

I love my hair when it was long, and I still love my hair short. I get a lot of compliments about my hair about how shiny and soft it looks and feel. My hair is something others, especially girls love to compliment me on. So, why not love something about me that other's also love? 

My Cooking Skills

I love to cook! And believe it or not, I actually have an imagination when it comes to taking a recipe and turning it into a completely different dish. I guess I could be a chef, but I don't have the culinary language and skills to be one - but who cares, I can make my family and myself food. And yum, I make delicious food!

My Dimples 

I love my dimples, Jay loves my dimples. Not, everyone has dimples so why not love something I have that many others don't? It's weird though, my right dimple is more apparent than my left dimple, but nevertheless, I like the way my dimples look when I smile. It add's a little something more in my pictures!

I really love others

I love my friends, family, Jay and Penelope. Whenever someone is in my life, I give them my 100% regardless if they give the same amount back. I care for others, and even tend to put them first. I love this about myself because I believe in good karma. What goes around comes around right?

I am a positive person.

I am a positive person, and I love being a positive person. You cannot live a life negatively. 

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