12 July 2014

5 People I Want To Have Dinner With

Today's blog prompt is to write about 5 people (dead or alive) that I would like to have dinner with. I think this is really great prompt that actually requires a lot of thought and effort (well I would hope it does). This isn't just a silly topic... so I really took some time last night and this morning as this prompt really could mean so much more than it shows. Here are the five people I would love to have dinner with (in no particular order of course!)

// My Maternal Grandma
My maternal grandmother passed away years ago. I didn't get a chance to spend a lot of time with her growing up she since lived in the states with my other cousins while we grew up here in Canada. As pictures show, my family did go to San Francisco a lot when I was younger, and I did get to spend time with her, but it's obviously hard to remember since I was a baby. The only really time I got to spend with her was when my family went down to San Francisco for my maternal grandfather's funeral. That's the only time I spent with her, and it was soo meaningful to me that I wish I spent MORE time with her before her passing. 

// My Paternal Grandma

Thankfully, my grandma is still alive and living safe back home in Sri Lanka. The last time I seen her was back in 2005. A really long time ago, but when I was there she was just so caring and loving with my sister and I, especially since it was the first time we've met. I wish I continued to learn my father's language so that I could communicate properly with her, but somehow our language barrier wasn't an issue. We were still able to spend time with other, and honestly she is just a beautiful and loving person. I would do anything to go back and see her again. 

// Jay

He's my best friend, and more! I would go to dinner with him anytime anywhere. We love adventures, and honestly, he pays for me every time we go out! Ahah, but I'm not a gold digger I swear, he just makes me laugh and brings out the best side of me!

P.S. I chose this photo of him because I know that's his facial expression if he read this blog post and read how he will always pay for dinner! HAHA

// Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is absolutely my idol! I don't care about rumour saying how she's a diva, or whatever, I grew up listening to her songs, and they were literally life changing. In fact, I actually stayed up last night watching old music videos I remember watching once or twice when I was younger! I would go to dinner with her and ask her for singing lessons and obviously a picture for instagram!

// My Sister

My sister has the privilege of going to Turkey for the next few weeks, and then when she returns, she will be moving to residence at her university. I would love to have dinner with her because soon we will be focused on school and probably not have a lot of sister time with each other, so it would be nice to have dinner with her full of jokes! 

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