10 June 2014

Violence is Violence

Yesterday, my forensic psychology class discussed a serious topic - Domestic Abuse and Violence. The class was so much more mellow than usual since this is an actual serious topic that many individuals are living with today. What gets me the most is that fact that there are so many individuals (especially women) who feel like they cannot and shouldn't escape as they genuinely feel that their life would be in danger if they even attempted to leave.

During the lecture, the prof kept ensuring us that women aren't the only ones who experience domestic abuse and violence - a lot of men and children do to. But, unfortunately it isn't well known as it isn't reported as often. Hearing this got me thinking of this social experiment video I came across on Facebook a few days ago. 
Dare I be the one to say it? I am deeply ashamed at how society perceives situations like domestic violence. Although the video is a social experiment, we can really see the reaction of others when confronted with such a situation. I am very happy that there were people who were willing to help the woman out when the man got physical, but I am very disgusted with the laughters and staring when it  came to the man experiencing the violence. 

The underlying message here is that violence is violence. Regardless if it is a man abusing a woman, or woman abusing a man, or spouses abusing each other, taking about the issue and bringing awareness if just the first step.
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