05 June 2014

Stiletto Nails

3 weeks ago, I wrote a post about getting stiletto nails, click HERE if you haven't read it! And with just 3 weeks flying very quickly, my nails have seemed to grow, leaving the distinction between the fake nail, and my actual nail. I knew I had to either take them off, or take them off AND get them re-done. I could not make a decision, so this just lingered my head for the entire week. 

Then, my sister made an appointment with our family friend to get her nails done for prom this Friday! I always love doing "girly" activities with my sister. She is such a tomboy, so it is rare whenever she gets her hair done, or nails done.. or even shop for heals! So i jumped at this chance and got my nails done with her! 

Instead of going through the process of taking off the acrylic nails and reputing them back on, the lovely Tina told me that my nails are still relatively new, and my best option would be just to do a refill! I was kind of relieved because I was hungry at the time and didn't really feel like staying too long.  I also couldn't decide what colour I wanted... I love the colour pink, but I didn't want to do pink AGAIN. So, I decided purple and gold.

 It was a great girls day!
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