29 June 2014

Social Sunday #5

Happy Sunday everyone! It has honestly been months since I've last participated in this link up, and last night I randomly decided why not re-link  with Ashley and Neely for Social Sundays! Click HERE if you're also interested in participating in today's social. 

Here are this weeks questions! 
1. What was your college major? Did you ever change majors?
I'm currently doing a double major in Psychology and Anthropology. I've been changing my second major until I've finally fell in love with anthropology!

2. What is the best purchase you've made lately?
I got my repurchase of my Shine-Free Fit Me Foundation Stick!!!! I absolutely love this foundation. 
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3. What is something silly we don't know about you and go... 
Lol silly? ... I am not a party girl, but I love to have fun!

4. What is your favourite Holiday?
Hmm... I don't have a specific favourite Holiday... but I love the ones that give me a long weekend!

5. What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
I always check my phone!

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