26 June 2014

She's All Grown Up!

Last night, my sister officially graduate 4 years of high school.  On top of receiving her high school diploma, she also received a 4-Year Honour Roll Certification, her Specialist High School Major - SPORT certificate, Core French Certificate, and will be receiving her IB Diploma in July! I am honestly so proud of my little sister for making it and doing so well on top of everything else!

I really hope that she will continue her successes into university for the next four years without us physically being by her side ... yes, she is moving away for her university experience. She is a strong and intelligent woman in the making, and I cannot wait to see what the world has in store for her. 

Now, please enjoy some of my favourite pictures from last night! Congratulation Ashley! and congrats to all other graduate who are end and about to begin another chapter of their lives!

Yay to every who made it! #2014Graduation 
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