20 June 2014

Last Night I Dreamt About...

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Good morning and Happy Friday bloggers! This morning, I woke up from a dream and actually remembered it. I was excited because I love to research dream meanings to see what's going on in my unconscious. I wrote down my dream before I searched online, so that I wouldn't forget the dream.  I decided to share what I found with you! 

Last night's dream
The dream started out with a bunch of random people and I at a random place. It looked like a school, but at the same time, it wasn't (does that make sense?) The lady in charge each gave us instructions - we were each assigned to one door, in which behind it was a card listing ingredients we needed in order to cook and prepare a certain dish. 

At first, it seemed to me like this was a competition, so I opened my door quickly and read the if ingredients for chicken soup. The doors led us to what seems to be a closet. The weird part was, the instruction said to use this steering wheel beside the door to rotate the room around in order to retrieve my ingredients. There were different bags there, and you had look and get ingredient you needed. The lady in charge came to my area and asked if she the amount of chicken I needed was enough, I said yes because it's only chicken soup anyways. 

I left that closet area and went towards my assigned cooking area. But on the way there, I notice others finished making their dishes, which definetly got me worried. I went to my area and began to organize everything I needed. A few seconds later, my old friend Suneel walked in saying that he's allowed to watch me since he had already finished making his dish. I got nervous and when I started to boil the water and to cut the chicken, I no longer had chicken, but I had fabric. I got mad and went back to the lady in charge who freaked out for messing up my ingredients. Then she destroyed the other dishes others made for this dinner. 

I later go back to the room and see Penelope playing with this little rabbit I saw a few weeks ago at the pet store. He was so cute so I held him. Then I see Penelope and the other rabbit facing real hand and clapping. Suneel was talking to me something about waiting til after his birthday where him and I would have a sleep over... something like that.

Then I woke up with Jay and his little brother have slept in my parents house with me. My dad woke up and was very suspicious about Jay being there, and he secretly kept asking me questions. His car was parked outside, but Jay and I went on a little adventure in my car, and then I dropped him off at his place where we both realized that his car was still at my place.  And, instead of going back, he called his friend to drive it over to his place.

Dream Interpretation: (These interpretations were gathered from Dream Dictionary)
Cooking: To dream that you are cooking signifies your desire to influence others in such a way so that they will like you or become dependent on you. Alternatively, it represents your nurturing side. You want to be loved. Or the dream could mean that you need to express your creativity. To dream that you have difficulties cooking indicate that you are trying too hard.

Chicken: To see chickens in your dream symbolize cowardliness and a lack of willpower. The dream may be a pun on being a chicken or chickening out of some situation. Chickens also represent excessive chatter and gossip. Listen closely to what people may be saying about you or what you are saying about others.

Rabbits: To see a rabbit in your dream signifies luck, magical power, and success. You have a positive outlook on life. Alternatively, rabbits symbolize abundance, warmth, fertility and sexual activity. Perhaps your sex life needs to be kept in check. In particular, to see a white rabbit in your dream symbolizes faithfulness in love. The white rabbit also serves as a guide to steer you toward the right direction. 

Old Friend: To see friends in your dream signify aspects of your personality that you have rejected, but are ready to incorporate and acknowledge. The relationships you have with those around you are important in learning about yourself. Alternatively, dreaming of a friend indicates positive news.

Boyfriend: To see your boyfriend in your dream represents your waking relationship with him and how you feel about him. 

Note, that the interpretations I shared aren't the full interpretations from the Dream Dictionary, I just shared what was related to the dream. Have a great Friday!
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