25 June 2014

Confessions: World Cup Got Me Mad

Confessions of a Blogaholic
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The World Cup Got Me Mad
Here's the thing... I like playing in sports, but I'm not the best. I like watching other people play, but I really don't care who wins. So believe it or not when I say this, but I've actually been watching most of the World Cup matches with my dad.  His excitement and anger towards some of the players is actually very entertaining, so why not spend 90 minutes or so with him to get a good laugh, and well just spend time with him. 

Ever since the World Cup doesn't allow replays for the refs to see some of the plays, the refs have been calling some of the absolute WORST calls, that even got me mad. Like I said... I really don't care who wins or whatever,  but still..... I just don't understand why a ref would give a penalty out if they aren't even sure what happened!

Let me give you an extremely short break down of one of yesterday's game: Greece vs. Ivory Coast. So, in the first half, Andreas Samaris (#22) fromGreece scores a goal... In the second half, Wilfried Bony (#12) from Ivory Coast, makes a beautiful shot to tie the game. There are only a few minutes left of the game, and player Sameras somehow fell and the ref allowed for a penalty shot.  Everyone is like... "urggg omg why".  Then they show this replay:

How in the world did the ref think a player from Ivory Coast actually pushed him over... he's not even close to Sameras - he tripped from his own feet.  However, this call from the ref allowed a penalty shot, where it was just one-on-one with the goalie and him... and he scores.

This must have to be the most undeserving win ever... and it was just a heart breaking loss for Ivory Coast who you can tell were really desperate to go on to the next round for to compete the semi-finals...

And it wasn't just me who was mad and sadden by this controversial call... everyone on twitter was just too upset and creating up their own theories about why the ref called (some people obviously said Greece paid the refs). But, who knows... I know is that if I was one of the player from Ivory Coast, and I decided to watch that game... I would be even more upset. 

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