12 May 2014

Weekly Wishes #15

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Happy Monday! It is that of the week again where I will be linking up with Melyssa for Weekly Wishes. This is a great linkup to share weekly goal and receive some encouragement from others who also have wishes/goals for the week!

Last Week's Wishes Recap
    Last week was actually my last week before school started. So, I was able to clean my room... but then later in the week it got messy... so I don't know if that really counts as if I actually fulfilled this wish. Penelope is becoming much better at peeing/pooing in her litter box, so I am very pleased with her about that. Other than that, there isn't really much more to talk about. 
    This Week's Wishes
    1. Continue positive reinforcement for Penelope. I think I can confidently say that Penelope has finally understand that the litter box is where she is suppose to poop and pee. I am actually impressed to say that she hasn't peed on my bed (or anywhere else) for this whole week! Yeah she pooped here and there, but thats normal. So this week, I want to continue to provide her positive reinforcement whenever she uses her litter box. I'm thinking to start introducing fruit into her diet. 
    2. Blog everyday in May. If you haven't seen my last few posts, I'm participating in the BEDM challenge hosted by Rosalilium. This week, I am hoping to write some of my post ahead of time, so that I am able to not rush a post after work. So hopefully I will find time sometime today to get started on those. 
    3. Do the readings for this week. Summer school begins today, and this week my goal is to stay with the readings for the lectures. So that means, reading the assigned textbook chapters before each lecture. Hopefully this will help with retaining information, especially during a short period of time. 
    4. Hit the gym. I shouldn't have any excuses this week to hit the gym. If I am in school 4 times a week, then I really have no excuse to stop by the gym (that is located in my school) to work out for at least 1 hour. Losing my belly fat is one of my main goals before June hits. Let's hope I can do this!
    5. Find time to myself. I think I've been paying so much attention to others, I forgot that I need to be happy to. This week, I want to find ways to treat myself here and there, even if it is the littlest way possible. This week will be all about me! 
    These are my wishes for the week.  If you're participating and happened to hop onto my blog, leave your link so I can leave some encouragement as well! Have a great Monday, xo

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