15 May 2014

Jumping Down the Rabbit Hole

In celebration of my 200th post, I decided to talk about the love of my life... Penelope! Since she is a huge (and important) part of my life, I actually took my time and care when writing a post that is dedicated to my favourite bunny in the world! (Don't tell MJ - Jay's rabbit- I told you Penelope is my favourite!)

When I was just a little girl, I remember having all sorts of pets - birds, hamsters, fishes, gerbils... you name it and I'll say I probably had one. But my favourite pet, was my rabbit. I think I named her Anna (or something like that). I don't remember much, since I was very young, but she was such mischief bunny (as my mother remembers). All I remember was her being a dark bunny who liked to run away from my mom whenever my mother would try and put Anna back in her cage. My mom also remembers how I would never help her do so (sorry mom!).  And then one night, I remember my cousin came over to take my rabbit when our family was going on vacation in just a few short days... I never saw my rabbit and still have no explanation what had happened to her. 

Ever since, I remember constantly begging my parents to get another rabbit, but I was never able to convince them as we all know it would mostly likely be my parents who would end up taking care of the rabbit. Instead, my parents continued to provide a lifetime supply of fishes which I was pretty much okay for a few months since I was way too busy at the time to even take care of an animal if I had one.

Then  on my birthday a few month ago, Jay bought me a little rabbit whom we named MJ. (Click HERE to read my post about him!) Because my room wasn't "rabbit proof", Jay decided to have MJ live with him for a while... but as time flew, I could already see the connection between Jay and MJ, and I kinda felt bad about breaking that apart. So a few months ago, Jay bought me my very own bunny! He picked out the smallest one, and most cutest bunny from the pet store had so that she would grow old with me and build a connection like MJ and Jay had. This was the best gift he could have ever give me!

When Jay and I first introduced MJ to Penelope! (as you could tell, we had to hold him back since he was too excited to meet her!) 
Since the day Jay got me Penelope, I was instantly fell in love! From her half black/half white fur to how small and delicate she was when I first held her. In that moment, I instantly I knew I wanted to name her Penelope with the hopes that one day that she would enjoy wearing a pink bow, which never happened. But, nevertheless,  I had no idea the amount of love I can have for another living being... trust me; even Jay is surprised at how much love and attention I give to Penelope and not him!
Ever since Penelope, I never knew how much I would fall in love. She is not only my best friend, but I truly and genuinely love her; like trust me when I say this is REAL LOVE! It is honestly even too hard to try and explain to you how excited I get to see her whenever I come home, or how excited I am to see her run to the door when she hears my footsteps! Not to mention my extremely high pitched voiced I use to call out her name whenever I see her for the first time in hours!

The best part is that I know the feeling is mutual from her end! Yeah she likes to have her own space, but whenever I am just sitting around doing school world, she literally would lay near me, watching and waiting for me to finish so she can have my full attention. Whenever she is scared, she just LOVES to grabbed on a hold of me and struggle to stay with me if I even try to let her go. And she just loves to climb on me. Which is definitely different from the growling/grunting she does to my sister. 

I can honestly just go on and on about the things I never expected when I got Penelope. I love her too much, and I do not care. I don't even like to think about what I would ever do without her... that is just a sad and scary thought. 

Do you have any pets whom you love with all your heart! Let me know! Better yet, if you wrote a post about them, I would love to read them, just leave your links below!

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