01 May 2014

#bedm – What is Your Blog All About?

Happy Thursday everyone! I have exciting news... I have decided to join another blog challenge! Honestly, I love a good challenge, so whenever I come across one, I always love to hop onto other blogs and just create new blogger friends. This month, I will be taking part in the Blog Everyday in May Challenge hosted by the lovely Elizabeth from Rosalilium. This challenge is actually different, instead of a linkup where you provide a link to your post; you post the link on your twitter, and use the hashtag #BEDM to view other's post!
The first topic is actually perfect for all the new follows (or soon to be followers) on my blog. What is your blog all about? Hmm... where should I even start? I started this blog just less than a year ago in hopes of just expressing myself in anyway I can. Why is my blog even called I Write About You? Well, I have a tumblr page called, She Writes About You; and I wanted to have a connection between my blog and tumblr. Instead I used "I" since at the beginning of my blog, I talked a lot my feelings for Jay. 
So what is my blog about now? Don't worry... I'll get to the point of this post now. So what is my blog about? It's about me! A personal lifestyle blog where I basically share my daily experiences. I also blog about makeup techniques/products I use on the daily, and fashion tips or styles I'm currently in love with. So, it isn't necessarily focused on one specific topic, I tend to blog about a variety of things!
As my blog is slowly approaching to the one year mark, I am really trying to build stronger relationships with other bloggers. Hopefully this challenge will help with that! 
Click here to sign up to participate in BEDM challenge!
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