06 May 2014

#bedm - Passion Project

Today is the sixth day of the Blog Everyday in May Challenge hosted by the lovely Elizabeth from Rosalilium. This challenge is actually different, instead of a linkup where you provide a link to your post; you post the link on your twitter, and use the hashtag #BEDM to view other's post! I think this actually provides a wider traffic flow.

Today's topic: Passion Projects - What do you love and would like to make money from. Think about entrepreneurial spirit. 

I haven't blogged about it for a while, so a lot of you may not know that I absolutely love typography. I love creating designs/pictures/quotes or even recreating what other's have designed. I may not be the best at typography, but I love the escape from reality when I draw my designs by hand. 
Like I said, I am not the best. But, with that being said, I personally do not mind how much I would make on the side for my designs. I started typography as a way to express my feelings through my creative side, there was no motivation for money whatsoever. I like to share my designs with others because it is just a great way for many to express their feelings when they hit the pin it button on Pinterest, or reblog button on tumblr.  
Below is one of my Pinterest boards where I've uploaded a few of the many designs that I've created. 

Follow Oulalanessaa's board MY DESIGNS on Pinterest.

Here is one of my latest creation that I have made; it was actually inspired by an instragram account that I've happen to pass through.

Are you participating in the BEDM challenge as well? Leave your link below so I can check out your posts daily and leave you with some positive encouragement! Have a great Tuesday!
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