04 May 2014

#bedm - My Weekend Routine

Today is the third day of the Blog Everyday in May Challenge hosted by the lovely Elizabeth from Rosalilium. This challenge is actually different, instead of a linkup where you provide a link to your post; you post the link on your twitter, and use the hashtag #BEDM to view other's post! 
I didn't have time to participate yesterday since I had a hectic and long day at work, that when I came home, I just went straight to bed. I was beyond exhausted. Since I am not a fan of today's topic, I decided to blog yesterday's topic. 
My weekend routine is fairly simple actually. 
My Saturday actually depends on whether or not I am scheduled to work at Winners. If I am, then I would wake up an hour before I am scheduled to work, (I'm usually scheduled around 9am) then leave 10 minutes before my shift starts. Then I freak out on the drive there, thinking I am going to be late and make it just 5 minutes before my shift start. Then I pretty much work until the end of my shift. Afterwards, I usually end up either going out with Jay, or with other friends. Then towards the end of the time, if my mom and sister went over to our family friends' place, then I would drive over there and spend the rest of the night with them.
My Sunday is fairly simple. If, the night before, I ended up meeting up with my mom and sister at our family friends' place, we would leave their place around 2-3am. I get home and go to bed as quickly as I can. Then I would wake up and head to church. Afterwards, I spend the rest of my Sunday just relaxing and browsing through a lot of blogs! 
So... that's pretty much my weekend routine. If you're participating in this monthly challenge, and happened to pass by my blog, leave a comment and I'll be more than happy to follow along your blog daily! Happy Sunday everyone! 
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