09 May 2014

#bedm - My Motivation Lately

I bet you were surprised to see my BIG face as you were scrolling down my blog. I'm kidding, I just think having my picture was appropriate for today's post. Today is the eighth day of the Blog Everyday in May Challenge hosted by the lovely Elizabeth from Rosalilium. This challenge is actually different, instead of a linkup where you provide a link to your post; you post the link on your twitter, and use the hashtag #BEDM to view other's post! I think this actually provides a wider traffic flow.
Today's topic is simply "motivation". Since the topic itself is broad enough, I decided to take the approach and talk about what has been motivating my life in a positive direction lately!


I have honestly grown to love Penelope with all my heart. She is truly a keeper, and I had no idea that I would ever fall in love with her when I first got her. Miss Penelope is my best friend who makes me pay attention to the littlest of things when taking care of her. Because I love her so much, she motivates me to take good care of her just as I would take care of myself. She is my cuddliest and cutest pet I could have ever ask her, and she just motivates me to love all other animals, especially her!


Work is kind of an odd motivation don't you think? Well... let me put it out there right away that money isn't my motivation. Work has actually taught me so much about myself - how I interact and work with others. Because work is filled with groups of energetic and outgoing individuals, who I might add are very sociable, has honestly taught me that I may not be the shy person that I originally thought I was. It was so easy to fit in and truly be me. Work actually motivates me to work hard with others, and by myself, to get the job done in the amount of time I have. Work also motivates me to be more positive around others I don't know, like smiling and saying hello to every customer that is around me!

My Sister

Family is always bring me up whenever I am down; but no one will get make a joke out of my miseries like my sister. Although she is never a good listener, and constantly complains about everything, she is still my little sister. Just he presence alone constantly motivates me to be the best sister I can for her. I always try to make sure I help her when it comes to school, although I don't know a lot, and I always try to be there for her when it comes to boy drama or family drama. She is my ultimate best friend where we have our ups and down; but it is amazing how much she motivates me to be the best sister ever. Why else did I randomly buy her a coach makeup bag the other day? I love her. 


Jay is my best friend. Whether he likes to admit it or not, he actually likes to listen to me whenever I just talk about everything and anything. And quite frankly, I can talk for hours about a lot of things, and he is just a great listener and great at giving advice whenever I need help. Lately, he has been motivating me to be the best I can be; he's been motivating me to be happy and because of all his motivation, it is motivating to be a better person towards him. Sometimes, I can go on and on about my problems, I can sometimes forget to ask him how he is doing. He helps me to realize that there are others who are also in times of need, and it is great that he is demeaning, but rather encouraging. He is just the greatest! 

What's been motivating you to live your life better lately? Let me know!
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