14 April 2014

Weekly Wishes #11

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Good morning everyone! I am actually very excited that today is Monday.  Not only have I finally finished my exams, but it means that my summer break has finally begun! So, todayI am linking up with Melyssa for Weekly Wishes. This is a great linkup to share weekly goal and receive some encouragement from others who also have wishes for the week!
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Last Week's Wishes Recap
    I am officially off from school! That means I am done posting up studying wishes for me to kill upcoming tests/exams.  So I finally have time to myself, and I have to say that I honestly feel like I did well enough on my exams to attain a really great final mark! Since I basically had exams scheduled during a one week period, I actually decided to take a week off from work. So that wish of me trying to impress my bosses/manager didn't really work out too well since.. well I didn't work last week. And relaxing? Who was I kidding... I pretty much used every excuse from studying just to RELAX. So I am actually very happy about that! 
    This Week's Wishes
    1. I hope I get accepted to the Nursing Program. This is probably a wish I am going to be listing until I receive my acceptance letter. Don't get me wrong, I love the psychology program that I am already enrolled in at my current university, but I think I will have more of a future with a nursing degree.
    2. Be a more interactive Blogger. If you stop by my blog every so often, you would have realized I have been here and there randomly... so this week (and the weeks following) I would love to blog more often.  I also would like to put myself out there and really start creating friendships with other bloggers. 
    3. Spend more time with the Family Friends. Literally every week, my mom and sister goes and hangs out with the lovely families that we have met through cadets. It is usually 5 of us families... and this week I would love to be apart of this more.  I've been so preoccupied with other things that I've missed out on a lot of fun and jokes that they have with one anther.  They are planning a family dinner this Friday, and I am determine to make sure I go and enjoy the fun!
    4. Potty Train Penelope. I am making very little progress.  So far, Penelope hasn't pooed/peed on the carpet anymore.. but she is still doing so on my bed. So I still want to train her to poo and pee in her litter box, or even her cage, as opposed to my bed... the smell of her pee is actually getting strong :/
    5. Read a book. Since I am officially done all my exams, that's means I'm off school until May (the start or summer school). I would really like to start and finish a book by then before I burry myself in textbooks all summer long! 
    6. Relax.  I know I have a busy week a head of me filled with exams and just studying all day everyday, but I am hoping that I am able to just take the time to have a break from it all and just relax.  Just so I am not stressed over the next few days. 
    These are my wishes for the week.  If you're participating and happened to hop onto my blog, leave your link so I can leave some encouragement as well! Have a great Monday, xo!

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