16 April 2014

My "Go-To" Look

I used to hate the process of putting on makeup. I never really understood how to apply certain products on properly, so I just didn't really bother with even attempting to apply anything on besides moisturizer in the morning. Then as puberty started to hit, I started to have pimples here and there that used to just bother me so much. I later started feeling so imperfect, and I started to feel less and less confident about myself whenever I am with friends who I thought were just absolutely beautiful. 

The purpose of wearing makeup, for me, was to hide myself. I wanted to hide everything that I deemed "wrong" about my look.  For some reason, the friends that I had at the time, just made me feel so bad about myself. I guess their parents allowed them to start wearing makeup, and I just saw this new profound confidence they had walking around. My perspective of myself eventually soon changed when I started to learn to love myself for who I am. Although I knew I didn't need makeup to be beautiful, this was the beginning of my love and passion for makeup.

I no longer hide my imperfections with makeup. Like I said, I am actually happy with my natural look. I do however wear a more natural-look with makeup on a daily basis because it makes me feel more confident about myself, and of course beautiful. So this is my go-to/everyday look for either school or work. It is more on the lighter side of makeup products, while at the same time still giving me a natural beautiful look. 

Face: Skin Primer Matter IT // Covergirl Foundation // Fit Me Concealer 
Eyes: Almay Intense i-Color Eye Shadow // Liquid Eyeliner // All-in-One Professional Mascara
Lips: Rosey-Pink Mac Lipstick 

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