28 April 2014

Family Fun

Dateless in DallasGood morning, good morning, good morning! I know this is a very early post, but because it is Monday, I decided to start off the day with a positive note. It has literally a while since I've linked up with these two, but today I decided that I will be linking up with Lisa and Bella for the the Weekend Recap. (Here are their past link-ups: Dateless in Dallas and Showered with Design). 

If you think back to the beginning of last week, I actually wrote a post about my Weekly Wish, and wished that I would spend more time with family friends. To my surprise, I actually fulfilled this wish and literally spent 3 days in a row with the same group of family friends. And to my surprise, I enjoyed every bit of it!

I started off the day with Jay. We spent the day just shopping and purchasing new tools for his recently new position of apprentice! I was honestly so happy for him so I just decided to just spend the day with him doing what he loves the most - which is buying tools and car parts for the car he recently purchased with his hard earned money. He had a great weekend; but let's get back to me for a second :P

Later during late into the night, I found out that my mom and sister were at our family friends place, and the other families (that we hang out with) were there as well. So, I decided to go down their and spend the night just having fun. I knew us "kids" were having fun with one another while the parents were just living their lives. We ate a lot of food, and my favourite of then night has to definitely be the wings that was made; the seasoning was just so spot on, and the honey garlic sauce was just blessed!
We all (for the first time), actually left their place early since many of the "kids" are still in cadets, had an activity to attend to the next day early in the morning. 

Saturday was a very eventful day at work. Since the store will be opening up in just a few short days, work was just hectic since we were just trying to get the final details together while ensuring that everything was set into place for the floors to be waxed. There was just so much tedious work to do, and time went by very quickly because of the company I had, and the new friends I made at work!

After work, I went to go visit Jay to see the new car that he literally purchased the night before. It was so beautiful, and I was honestly just so happy for him because you could tell by his reaction to every bit of his car that he spent his hard-worked money on something that he actually loves. He got an Acura EL for those of you who are wondering!

Later that night, I again found out that my mom and sister were at our family friends' place again, and they were both texting me to stop by. Because I had the car, I was also their ride home for later that evening, but that wasn't the only reason I went. We spent the night just laughing and talking. There were times when the "kids" and "adults" were together just joking around and laughing, and their were other time when we were completely separated and the adults were just pulling pranks on everyone. It was just a great time with people I genuinely enjoying spending time with!

We, of course, continued to just eat a lot of food while watching movies and just enjoying each other's company. A few of us (me included) actually kept falling in and out of sleep on the couch. We later had 2am breakfast, prepared by our lovely mother's, which a cup of milk! We later went home early that morning since the parents were just so turnt up. 

I don't know about the other families, but I pretty much slept in the morning. When I finally awoke, I actually spent a little time watching Netflix with the lovely Penelope. I love her company, and I could tell that she loves being smothered by me; I spoil her all the time!
And later during the day, you guessed it, we all found ourselves back at our family friends place - all the parents and children were just there having fun. We ate a lot of food, and the kids had a fun time running around the entire neighbour playing and just running away from each other. We even played grounders at the playground, which is something I haven't played in ages! Being one of the eldest children was kind of rough because I just don't have the energy like they to just keep playing! But we enjoyed our day, and later into the night, everyone sat together just talking and laughing and sharing jokes. 

These are truly the kinds of the people I want to continue to surrounding myself with. They are just positive and encouraging people and make me smile and laugh whenever they open their mouths. So I had a very lovely weekend with these guys!!! I wish I was able to take more photos though. But I think I was just having so much fun that there was hardly no need to be on my phone!

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