19 April 2014

Broken Silence

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"Brokenness" isn't necessarily a horrible word yet, this word may still strike fear amongst a lot of us. God doesn't desire and doesn't want to break our spirits. Rather, He wants to break that outer shelf that prevents Him from being all He wants to be in and through us. Breaking off things like pride, selfishness, rebellion and independence. God was us to be dependent on Him, and suffering seems to bring us to that point.

Whether it is through our sufferings to realize the good in God, or it is through Jesus' suffering and crucifixion... We cannot deny the need for our grace, and the need for Jesus. In Luke 19, we read that Jesus tells the Pharisees that if His disciples are kept quiet, the rocks would cry out in praise of Him. On this Holy Saturday, lets sit in silence together - whether you are in church, or praying at home - sit in silence and think about the good that came to our lives because of His everlasting love for us. The beauty of Holy Week is the realization of all that was done for us by His love. 

Sunday is coming.
For if we have been united with him in a death like his, we shall certainly be united with him in a resurrection like his. - Romans 6:5, ESV.

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