21 March 2014

What I Love About Toronto

Hi hi hi! It's Friday and I am excited for today's post. I've obviously haven't been blogging as often recently, so yesterday I literally spent all my free time trying to catch up with the blogs that I love to read!  When it was time to catch up with Lisa's blog, I realized that her most recent post had a link-up and I was excited to link up with her again!

So today I am linking up with Lisa from Showered with Design posts on "Top 5 Things To Love About Your State".  Because I don't live in the States (although it would be nice to live with all my cousins up in California), I decided to make a post my 5 things to love about my city, Toronto. It is located in Canada for those who don't know... Let begin!

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What I Love About Toronto:

1. Gays and Lesbians can get married here! Although I am not a lesbian, I do have friends who are either gay or lesbian, and I think it is great that they have the freedom here in Toronto to be themselves, and be with who they want without any restrictions.  They can live "normal" lives like everyone else as an equal... and I think that is a huge thing about Torontoians... we are pretty much accepting of everyone!

2. Weather. Although I usually pretty much complain about the cold all the time, I still have to say, we get to experience both sides of the spectrum.  Our city literally has our Winterlicious and Summerlicious days of extreme cold and heat! Which is a good thing, although a lot of us would love to live in one reason all the time, we just aren't used to it, and love a change between seasons! 

3. Festivals! Believe me when I say that we have festivals for literally everything and for everyone to enjoy! Music, Film, Science, Art... heck we even do Parades celebrating everyones uniqueness, like the Caribana  Parade!  The city has a way of bringing everyone together at one time. 

4. Wonderland! Yes, in Toronto we have the perfect thing to do whenever you are bored - go to Wonderland.  I can honestly say that everyone living in Toronto probably had/has a seasons pass just to get in and ride all the exciting rides.  It's honestly a place I continuously love to go to with my friends during the summer time whenever we feel bored. 

5. DIVERSITY! This is probably one of the main reasons I will probably never want to move out of the city.  Toronto is honestly the best place to just be yourself. No one is ever judged by their religion or culture... each and every one of us is genuinely accepted and treated like everyone else.  We are all free the just be us without the fear of being judged.

Fun Facts about Toronto You May Have Not Known:

1) The CN Tower withstands some 50 lightning strikes a year.
2) Toronto is the world's fourth most liveable city.
3) The Toronto Zoo is the largest in Canada. It is home to over 16,000 animals representing 491 species.
4) There are over 1600 named parks in Toronto.
 5) There are 52 outdoor skating rinks in Toronto – open from the beginning of December until the end of February.
6) The Toronto Islands is just a short ferry ride away from downtown Toronto, comprises the largest urban car-free community in North America
7) The coldest temperature ever recorded in Toronto was -31.3C (-24.3F) on January 4, 1981. The windchill on that day was -44.7C (-48.5F), the coldest ever.
8) The highest temperatures ever recorded were 41C (105F) from July 7-9 in 1936.

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Well there you go! Have a great Friday everyone!
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