10 March 2014

Weekly Wishes #6

The Nectar CollectiveJoy.... it's Monday...  Today, I'm linking up with Melyssa for Weekly Wishes. This is a great linkup to share your goals and receive some encouragement from others in completing those goals! 

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Last Week's Wishes Recap
Last week I made a wish about acing my abnormal midterm, and I think I actually did really well! I am really proud of myself, and I am really excited to see my test this week to see how well I really did!  I also made a wish last week that I would be impressing my managers on the first week of my job, and I really think I made a big impression. I think it is a really good thing if ALL 3 of my managers know my name out of the all the 84 new employees they've recently hired! Wohoo! And as for sleep... yes, I've actually caught up with all my sleep... except for last night... losing one hour of sleep actually sucks -.-

This Week's Wishes

1. I hope I get accepted to the Nursing Program. This is probably a wish I'm going to be listing until I receive my acceptance letter. Don't get me wrong, I love the psychology program that I am already enrolled in at my current university, but I think I will have more of a future with a nursing diploma.

2. Start studying for my Anthropology quiz this Thursday! I have an anthro quiz this Thursday, and one of my wishes is to start studying ahead of time... that means probably start tonight when I get home.  It is one of the last quizzes I have for this course, and I really want my GPA to go up if I want to get into the nursing programs (for wish #1).  So everything counts, and I will start studying... asap! 

3. Be more sociable at work. This is actually the second week I have for work, and it is a good thing that all of us new employees are on the same boat.  We are all starting this new job together, doing training together, and just working together.  My wish for this week is to be more sociable to make more friends with those who have the same shift as me.  I think time will pass by faster if I have company. 

4. Workout! Because of my work and school schedule, I really thought I would have time to work out.  Turns out I didn't get a chance to work out last week.  Our new store for work is still being built, so for the next 2-3 weeks, us new hired employees are currently being trained/working at another store location... which is literally so far away from my school.  So the drive isn't too bad... but it is bad when I'm coming from school, which is in a different city! YIKES.  So this week I really want to try to fit in some workout time.. even if its just going a few of those 30 challenges.... Something I am seriously considering! 

Those are basically my wishes for this week! If your participating as well, and you've happen to come across my post to leave me some encouragement, leave your link below so I can return the favour and encourage you!

Have a great Monday!
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