20 March 2014

Spring is Here!

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Good morning bloggers! Do you know what day it is? It is the first day of Spring! Wo-hoo, you have no idea how excited I am for just the cold to go away! Although there might be some flurries tonight, I am still very hopeful that we no longer will be experiencing the snow falling down! 
Today, I decided to share some styles that I am currently obsessed with! Right now, my closet is full of neutral colours of white, black and beige, and few shades of pink and blue here and there.  Because it has been such a cold winter, I decided to change up my wardrobe and style with some bright colours to celebrate spring! And because I now work at a store with cloths everywhere I look, my obsession to shop and purchase these new colours is getting stronger and stronger each shift I work!  
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I get paid tomorrow, hopefully I have time this weekend to shop until I drop! Any styles you are excited to wear this spring seasons! Let me know!
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