26 March 2014

i on Beauty | 7 Piece Brush Set

Last Friday was actually payday for me, and boy was I excited to spend my hard working money! Working in my first retail job, I have to tell you how extremely hard it is to control my shopping impulses at work.  Whenever I am putting merchandise away, or restocking areas of the store, I am always finding and seeing items that I wish I could buy in that moment in time. But, obviously I cannot since I am working, and the customers should be able to purchase items... So I usually have to wait after my shift, or whenever I am not working, to purchase the items that I fell in love in an instant.

So literally, at the end of the week I was so excited that it was payday.  What did I do with my Friday? I literally spent the ENTIRE day shopping at Winners.  And yes, I literally went to THREE different Winners locations just shopping my butt off.  Everything I purchases was actually completely random - but that's the best part of shopping, always finding something new that you love!

I randomly picked up this i on beauty 7 piece travel set.  I think what attracted my attention was the fact that this set is a Geo-Friendly Bamboo Collection.  I'll wait for the ou's and ah's from you all...  I haven't really gotten myself a brush set that I am completely in love with, so I decided to purchase this brush set for only $15.00 at Winners.  (According to the price tag, the original price was $30.00).

There are 6 brushes included in this travel set, all with different purposes! If you are wondering how this is a 7 piece travel set, the set includes a pouch to keep all the brushes in when travelling - hence why it is a travel set! The brushes are made from super soft synthetic talon hair and recycled material as they were made 100% cruelty free!  The bamboo handles makes controlling these brushes absolutely easy to handle.

Powder Brush: This is a pretty big brush, but it is for the use of powder.  I actually mostly used this brush for my bronzer, which I enjoyed using very much. This brush is also great when it comes to blending as well.

Blush Brush: This is the brush I definitely use the most from the entire set.  I actually use this brush as a concealer brush, since this set does not contain a concealer brush.  It actually works perfectly well as a substitute for a concealer brush.  I find that this brush actually blends the concealer really well under my eye which makes it easier to layer up concealer on my face.

Eye Defining Brush: I love this brush. I use it to apply eye showed on the crease of my eye.  However, I do wish that the brush was more angled to help apply eye shadow on the crease of my eyes more easily.

Angled Eyeliner Brush: What I love about this brush is the fact that it is super thin and angled, so creating the cat eye look using gel eyeliner is really easier! It has to be the best eyeliner brush I've ever used, so I am definitely happy with this!

Eyebrow Comb/Brush:  I actually very much like this eyebrow comb.  It really makes combing my eye brow hair in one direction smoothly.  That being said, this brush is probably the least used brush for me.  Hopefully I'll find more reasons to use the brush more often. 

Smudger: It is a great brush for applying bursts of colours without a mess! So, although I hardly use this brush, it is still a great one!

Pouch: As cute as this pouch is, I personally don't like it too much.  I would have rather have a case for my brushes that have holders, so that I have a specific spot for each brush.  I like keep everything organized and all in one place, and some mornings I get frustrated trying to get a brush that is at the below other brushes.

Overall, I have to say that I am actually pleased with this brush set.  I honestly love using these brushes whenever I apply on makeup, which is pretty much a daily routine for me now.  If you do purchase these brushes at Winners, (or Marshalls), I think it would be a good investment as it is also geo-friendly to the environment! 

Have you ever tried/used i on Beauty brushes? What brushes do you like using? Let me know in the comments! 
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