08 March 2014

How to Centre Your Post Title and Date Header

Hi everyone! Welcome back to another edition of my blog tutorials! This is a weekly series I do to help you all with any codings here and there to make your blogs look professionally done, without paying a dime! 

Today's tutorial is an easy one, where it is literally just copying codes and pasting.  So if you don't know anything about HTML codings, or CCS... you're in luck!Lets begin! How to Centre Your Post Title and Date Header!

Step 1: 

Go to your template designer.  Select "Advanced" and scroll down and select the option "Add CSS".

Step 2:

Copy and paste the following codes into the open section after selecting "Add CSS". PRESS ENTER after you pasted the code. 

.post-title {
text-align: center;
.date-header {
test-align: center;

Step 3:

Click "Apply to Blog" and then you're done!

Simple wasn't it? If you have any suggestions of what my next tutorial should cover, leave a comment below, and I will start working on it! Otherwise if this helped you, let me know and leave the link to your blog in the comments below! 

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