01 March 2014

Creating Label-Based Pages

Hello everyone! Welcome back to another edition of my blogging tutorials series! I've beginning to receive requests which makes me really happy. That means that I'm actually helping a few of you out there get you blogs together!
Today's tutorial was a request from Samantha.  So just follow the steps below to learn how to create label-based pages like my "Faith" page tab you'll find on the main page of my blog. So let's begin!

Step 1:

You have to make sure you have labelled your posts according to the topic you want your page to be devoted to.  For example, on my Faith page, you'll notice at the end of each blogpost, I've labelled them as "faith". 

Step 2:

Now go back to your blog. From there, look for the post with he desired label, and click on it. This will direct you to ALL your posts with your desired label. 

Example: See below how I have the label Faith and God? Since I want to create a page with all my posts devoted to Faith, I will click on faith.  

Step 3:

When you are directed to a new page, copy the URL found in your browser address bar. 

Step 4:

Now in your dashboard, go to the "Layout" and edit the PAGES gadget you have on your blog. Scroll down and select "Add Link Page".  From here you will add the title you want this page to appear on your blog.  Then paste the link into the address link.  Click Save Link, then save your arrangement.

Now all posts that have your desired label will appear on that page! Let me know if this helped you! And if you have any suggestions tutorials, let me know! 

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