17 February 2014

Weekend Recap

Good Morning bloggers! It's Monday, and today I am linking up with Lisa @ Showered with Design and Bella @ Dateless in Dallas for their Weekend Recap link-up!

Because it is a long weekend here in Canada, technically my weekend isn't over yet! But this is how my weekend went:


Friday was Valentine's day! Jay and I didn't make any big plans since he was working a really long shift that day/evening, and he had work early the next morning, so we both decided that today would just be a chill day.  He however told me to stay home and wait.... wait for what? That's was the question on my mind the entire day. 

So I waited and waited, and to my surprise I hear a knock on the door! I thought he got to leave work early so I was excited, but then it was a man with the most beautiful bouquet of roses. It was from Jay! So I spent the entire night taking beautiful pictures of it to post on instagram, and trying to redesign my dresser to place the flowers there. It was just a beautiful night!

Saturday was fun and just relaxing! After Jay's shift, he and I went to go watch a movie. This was completely unplanned and so we randomly decided to watch the movie we wanted to see last month - Ride Along! It was such a funny movie, I haven't laughed so hard in the theatre as much as I did was this movie!

After the movies, Jay and I decided to get dinner. Because the place we were at was a plaza, there were a lot of restaurants to choose from! We ended up choosing East Side Marios because the line up at Montana's, Kelseys, Casey's were just way to long, and we were hungry.

Eating at East Side Mario was just perfect. We got a big booth to sit in, so Jay insisted we sit beside each other rather than across. And we just had a really great time. We ate a lot, and talked a lot, but best of all, we genuinely enjoyed each other's company! It was a great night!

Afterward, we went home and just had a really low key night. It was fun and relaxing and we just watched movies for the rest of the night. 


Sunday was different. Since the next day is Family Day (which is why it is a long weekend for us), my family and I decided to go out to lunch. And we went to Mandarin.  Mandarin is a Chinese Buffet that just has a huge variety of delicious food. The problem was the wait was way too long! Everyone waiting literally waited for an hour to be seated even though many of us had reservations prior to arriving.  The wait was horrible.

But after we finally got seated, I was ready to eat, and I ate a lot. I wait too long to not eat anything. It was a great time. I don't think my family has gotten along this well in such a long time. It was full of jokes, and I genuinely love my parents company!  

Then I spent the rest of my Sunday just laying in bed relaxing while watching some movies. 

It was a great relaxing weekend!

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