21 February 2014

Twenty-One: The Meaning of Home

 Blog Everyday in FebruaryHappy Friday everyone! I'm both happy yet sad that today is Friday... I'm happy for the weekend, but I'm sad my one week off from school is quickly coming to an end!

Its okay, because today I am linking up with Bailey from Anchored in Love for the Blog Everyday in February Challenge! It is day 21 with just a few days left! Join in on the fun!
So here is today's prompt:
"The meaning of HOME."
Being in my second year of university, my parents have somewhat gave me more freedom than I had back in high school.  Although I am still living at home, this freedom gives me the opportunity to find myself and find out what the heck I want for my future.  So as I am growing up, I begin to see and interpret everything differently than I once did. 
Home can have multiple meanings to anyone and everyone. We all interpret things differently based on our experiences.  Home can be a literal meaning to some, while others have more of a symbolic interpretation to what they consider home.
So what is my meaning of home? 
To me, home is a safe place - a feeling of both happiness and comfort.  Home is a place with a sense of belonging - it is good to know there are others who care and love for you, and that you are not by yourself. Home is with the people whom I love and truly care about. 
People often say, "there is no place like home", which I completely agree.  We like feeling of being safe, and we like feeling of knowing that we belong and we are apart of a group of people who want us in their lives. 
In light of my new love for typography, I drew this out for today's topic!
Don't forget to give me credit if you are ever going to use this image.
What is your meaning of home? 
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