02 February 2014

Social Sunday: All 4's

Happy Sunday everyone!

 I'm here again linking up with Ashley and Neely for Social Sundays! Click HERE if you're also interested in participating in today's social. 
This week's questions have are all about the number 4! 
1. 4 Favourite bands you loved in high school.
Uhmm.... nope. How about 1 band, 5 guys - One Direction
I loved these guys since high school, and 2 years after graduating high school... I still loved them!
2. 4 go to meals you'd love to learn to cook or can cook really well.
I love my spaghetti, mac and cheese with ground beef, chicken parmesan and spring rolls! I can make 3/4 while I am determined to learn how to make chicken parmesan. YUMMY!
3. 4 necessities to your daily life.
Call me weird, but it's because of all the available technology, I need my phone everyday - to contact others, for people and even for instagram!  I also need water in my daily life. I personally love water, plus it is so much healthier than pop!  I need lotion so that my skin isn't always constantly dry, especially in this cold weather we are constantly having. And lastly, I need shoes in my everyday life! 
4. 4 makeup necessities to your daily life.
Like I said last week on Social Sunday, I need my mascara, lipstick, liquid eyeliner and my foundation for my daily looks!
5. 4 favourite apps on you phone or iPad.
Gotta love instagram, tumblr, twitter, and Simpsons tapped out apps!
Instagram: @oulalanessaa        Tumblr: She Writes About You   Twitter: @oulalanessaa           the Simpsons Tapped out!

Well there you have it! Hope to see your posts for social Sunday!

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