16 February 2014

Sixteen: A Hard Lesson Learnt

 Blog Everyday in FebruaryHappy Sunday Everyone! 
I am linking up with Bailey from Anchored in Love for the Blog Everyday in February Challenge!  Although I missed the first half of the prompts, I'm always up for blogging challenges whenever I come across one!
So here is today's prompt:
"A Hard Lesson Learnt"
I'll get straight into it... A hard lesson I had to learn, at such a young age, was not to trust anybody. And when I say anybody, I mean anybody... not even family.  Wait what... family? Yes... family. 
A few years ago when I was at summer camp, a long way from home, I called home to check up on my family to let them know how things were going.  No one was home but my sister, so she answered the phone and told me the most devastating news... Earlier that day, we received a yellow envelope with no return address.  Inside this yellow mysterious envelop, were pictures of Neisha and her boyfriend! 
Scary isn't it? And my sister was telling me how she phoned my cousin Neisha to tell her, and she was terrified because apparently my household wasn't the only ones who received her pictures.  Turned out, family in another city received her pictures to... I was freaking out wondering what was going on... but the real question was; who sent these photos. 
The rest of the summer was bad. Neisha was lucky enough to at least hide away in France, since she had already purchased a ticket months in advanced. But the rest of the summer, Ashley and I were here constantly scared to figure out what will we receive next in the mail.  
One day, Neisha finally got a hold of my sister and I, and she expressed that she was pissed because she thought that we sent the photos around to family. I was so appalled and shocked wondering why she would even accuse us of sending those photos around... In a few of her photos, I was in them to, with some random guy... So I tried explaining to her that if I were to send photos, I wouldn't include photos of myself. 
Anyways, one random day, we went to Neisha's place.  Us three, plus Neisha brother, were in a room... quiet. We didn't say much to each other. Then all of a sudden we hear my dad yell, "VANESSA, ASHLEY, NEISHA... COME HERE NOW!" Uh oh... when we went to the room the adults were in, there laying on the bed were pictures of me and Ashley with guys... WTF was going on?  Apparently our pictures were sent to some houses too.... 
I think that was when Neisha realized that we didn't send her photos around, because why would we send our own photos to get in trouble with? 
Worst we ever... both Neisha and I were allowed to have a sweet 16, and we were on total lock down. I remember going to school with so much anxiety about another envelop with pictures coming in the mail. I was just mortified. 
A year or so later, my cousins, lets call them Nivi and Shari, came forward to Neisha and told her the entire truth... and how it was them and their mother who sent it around to all our family members. YES, I said it correctly, OUR COUSINS and AUNT sent our photos around. 
So not only did Neisha and I have to bare with the embarrassment of our entire family looking down upon us like we were a bunch of slut, but our parents.... our parents couldn't even look at us becuas ether were just so disappointed in us. 
All because of what? Rumour has it that my aunt didn't want Neisha and I to focus in school so we wouldn't get accepted into university... but who knows. All I know was that my own blood went behind my back, and my privacy and sent MY personal photos. Like they literally took the time to go to walmart and make copies after copies of our pictures, and took the time to mail it out... that's real dedication to bring down their own family members. 
So until this day, its hard to trust anybody, including family. I can't even feel safe posting up pictures on instagram without thinking another family member is going to save the photo and send it around the world.  I'm so afraid to even accept cousins to follow me on instagram, and be my friend on Facebook. 
This is why I have yet to post up a picture of Jay and I here. I am just afraid that someone, or even family, will go behind my back, and take my pictures and send them off for everyone to see. 
Crazy isn't it... how the people you love and take care of, can do such horrible things... So I had to learn, be careful what you say, and what you post online; you can't trust nobody in the real world; not even so called family

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