01 February 2014

How to Add a Signature to Your Blog Posts

Happy Saturday everyone! As you've all noticed, I've been pretty much posting up blog tutorials every Saturday. I'm going to continue to attempt doing so, unless I have no further ideas of what tutorials to provide for you.

Anyways, lets get to the good stuff. Today's tutorial is about:

Step 1:
Create a signature using your favourite Photo Editor.  I use PicMonkey using the size 200x70.  This size is neither to big or too small. 

Step 2:
Upload your signature picture to your favourite image host site. Most people use photo bucket or picasa! As long as your able to get the image URL, it will be fine wherever you post it.  I post mine onto my private separate blog that I use only for designing my blog. 

Step 3:
Copy the direct link or image address of the image, and paste it within this code: *replace "YOUR IMAGE URL", but do not remove the quotation marks!*

Step 4:
On your blogger account, go to "Settings".  Under "Settings" click on "Post and Comments".  You will see this:

Beside Post Template, you will see "Add".  Click "Add" and a box will open. 

Step 5:
Paste the code from step 3 with your image URL in the box.
If your want your signature to be centred, add the centre tags:

Step 6:
Click on "Save Settings" at the top right hand corner. 

That's it! 

NOTE: The signature image will not show up on previous posts, but it will on future post that you draft!

Did it help? Let me know! And if you have any ideas of what tutorials to provide, just let me know!
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