26 February 2014

Girls Shine Brighter

WOW! I honestly don't know why this doesn't have many views!? This video is so perfect and so empowering to us women all over!  

I actually saw this commercial first on the television.  It actually took me by surprise of how emotional I got towards the end.  I was literally standing up clapping for the message that was portrayed by Covergirl.  Like it is too perfect!

Take a look. It will only take 1 minute from your busy schedule.  Go on, I'll wait!

Firstly, the media is always on celebrities asses about how they look and what they wear; and unfortunately, social media, such as Ads, carry on this pressure into society!  From makeup commercials, to even car commercials, it seems as though skinny is the standards in our society. 

I would be lying if I said that I never get conscious about my body.  I am someone who didn't have the luxury of being born thin like most girls.  Yes I have boobs, and an ass... and a little love handles (don't judge me..).  I am still human, and having celebrities weight constantly being judged around the world, makes me wonder who the heck is judging me and my body size?

Watch the video one more time... Go on, I'll wait.  Did you notice that each women were different?  The fact that this video had different ethnicities, shapes, and sizes, makes it even more meaning and relatable to us all over.  EVERY single one of us CAN do something and anything!

The second thing I grasped from this video, is something personal that you've all probably experienced in a different context.  I cannot begin to tell you how many times I've joined a team/sport/organized dominated by men.  The amount of times they looked down upon my ideas is ridiculous.  I always had something to prove.

Whether it was growing up in karate, I always wanted to prove to all the jerks that I can punch harder then any of them, better yet, I can beat them in any sparing match any day.  Or whether it was in cadet, and being 1/30 females in a male dominated organization, no one ever thought that I, out of 200 people, could attain that number 1 position. 

You thought I couldn't do it; boy did I prove all of you wrong. 

As women we need to remember that we cannot let stereotypes define what we can and cannot do.   Absolutely not.  Why? Because Girls Can.  

Thank you Covergirl for this empowering video! I will now be walking around campus with new this profound confidence! aha!

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